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We pride ourselves on manufacturing machined components of the highest quality. All the work-orders are numbered and chemical as well as physical test certificate records are maintained. Hundred percent visual inspections are carried out for dent marks, finish & other parameters as required by the customer. Since we have been manufacturing intricate valve components, we are closely associated with foundries, forgers and engineering ancillaries units of good repute.

Quality policy

• Follow the quality management system effectively
• Train the operators and staffs with respect to QMS and productivity
• Immediate corrective and preventive action on customer complaints
• Control the quality, production cost and delivery to withstand in the competitive market
• Achieve the required results in all the activities through continuous improvement

Quality Management System

The prime function of our quality management system is to ensure that our products meet the most demanding standards possible -- our own

• Market Analysis
• Internal Process Quality
• Customer Complaints
• On Time Delivery
• Supplier Quality
• Quality Review Meetings Every Week
• Management Review Meetings Every Week
• Daily Contract Review Meetings

Quality Assurance

Asian Tools Services accomplishes total quality through the use of the latest inspection instrument, technology and a documented quality assurance program

Quality Assurance Program
• Material traceability
• Material certifications
• Heat treat certification
• Process certification
• Incoming materials inspection
• In process inspection
• Final inspection
• Documentation
• Education
• Corrective action